No Agent has a new name and purpose

Welcome to Howsy! We are excited to share our new name, brand identity and purpose with the world. Our evolution from ‘No Agent’ to ‘Howsy’ is the result of 6 months of reflection on who we are as a company, how we got here, and where we want to go next.
As No Agent, we’ve grown incredibly fast over the past two years. But as we’ve scaled, we’ve realised that we can offer landlords and renters a lot more. At present, we are a fair alternative to traditional letting agents. But the property world needs a complete shake-down and re-build, and with Howsy we’re setting out to do just that.
We’re a team of both renters and landlords here at Howsy, and we dispute the idea that they are meant to be on opposite sides. Great landlords and great renters are united by their love of the same thing. And it goes way beyond property. Because it’s not just about renting a place to live, it’s about finding a home to love.
Because renting is something people are now going to be doing for the majority, or all of their lives, Howsy will continue to improve and innovate, bringing new products to the market, with the ultimate goal of making renting a better way of living – for both landlords and tenants. In the next few years, our goal is to create a global COMMUNITY of good landlords and renters.
While we are still a few steps away from that goal, we are moving towards it at speed. We are improving our tech, with the Howsy app about to be launched later this month, and with better finance and repairs systems behind the scenes. We’ve also added two new products and services, Howsy Protect and Howsy Club.

Introducing Howsy Protect

Howsy Protect is our new property management plan. On top of our standard property management service, its added features will allow you to be a completely hands-free and forget about unpaid rents or unexpected repair costs. All for a fixed monthly price that’s still lower than what you’d get on the high street.

Rent Protection

Howsy Protect will pay your rent within 5 days of the due date every month, even if the renter stops paying. You are covered for up to 2 months after eviction.

Repairs and maintenance covered

We’ll take care of most common repairs, appliances breakdown and home emergencies at no extra cost for you. We will use our network of suppliers to fix things such as a faulty fridge, burst pipe, pest infestations, broken boilers or a damaged dishwasher, to name a few.

Dedicated VIP line and named account manager

Your personal ARLA-qualified account manager will be within easy reach through our VIP priority support line. They’ll make sure you get the best possible price and great renters. They oversee the finer details and direct our customer experience team, making sure your property stays in tip-top shape and that your renters are happy.

Free premium Rightmove listing

Like with our Standard service, the whole process of finding you great renters is entirely free and included in the service. Protect also gives you 2 weeks of premium listing on Rightmove for your property.

Legal protection

If the worst happens and your renters stop paying rent, we will handle the entire eviction process and cover any court costs.

Free CP12 and Boiler Service each year

One of our Gas Safe registered engineers will check all the gas appliances and flues in your property every year and provide a Gas Safety certificate.

Howsy Protect is currently open to a small batch of our customers, if you would like to find out more and register your interest, call us on 0330 999 1234 or email us.

Howsy Club – renting with Zero Deposit

Howsy Club is a new way to rent. When you join the club as a renter, you will get loads of advantages such as not paying a deposit, discounts on local restaurants, 40% off cinema tickets and other perks. Club membership is £15 or £20/month, paid with your rent as normal.

At the end of the tenancy, you’ll still need to pay for any damages as agreed between you and your landlord.

Landlords that rent out their property under Howsy Club will get any lawful claims at the and of the tenancy covered for up to 8 weeks’ worth of rent. That’s 33% more than a standard 6 weeks deposit. When renters don’t have to pay a deposit upfront, their properties will also get more interest while advertised, and let faster. Starting November, this will be the default choice for all our marketed properties – unless the landlord opts out.

Find out more about Howsy Club.

Last but not least, a big thank you to our advisors, customers, family and friends. You inspire and push us further, and we couldn’t have gotten where we are without you. We can’t wait to build Howsy together! 🚀