We manage homes and the renter experience

If your organisation needs to manage properties, your reputation and renter satisfaction, our smart technology and transparent fixed costs can deliver results. 

How we manage your property assets:

We create technologies that improve the lives of renters. Buildings with happy renters’ lease-up faster and the renters stay longer.

“Howsy has helped us achieve 98% occupancy rates across our portfolio. Their renter engagement is unrivalled  and has helped us to reduce churn drastically.”Andrew at London Green

Howsy has made the process of renting a home simple, fair and transparent by using our proprietary technology, 24/7 customer service and national presence.

What our clients say

“We are delighted by how Howsy has helped us achieve high occupancy through the Covid period. They have kept our rental revenue at 92% of target, which is extraordinary bearing in mind how challenging 2020 proved to be. They have also been very proactive regarding tenant engagement, creating surveys and feedback loops which are new for us.

Howsy’s reporting is tailored specifically for us, and once again, their team has been extremely proactive in offering solutions for our data requirements. Now, our reporting is delivered in the format we need instead of us taking time inhouse to produce. Claire, our account manager and Sofia, the lease-up coordinator, interact positively with our team, and the human aspect really does underpin the tech solutions we have been offered.”

Andrew – London Green

“We have been using Howsy to manage the majority of our residential portfolio since 2018. What initially drew us to Howsy was the pricing model and geographic spread. We’ve found it to be simple, transparent and predictable.

Also, the way they leverage tech is excellent. Its extremely reassuring to know the concerns and thinking around legislation, certification, and inspections are being managed by Howsy. Whenever there’s been a case of dealing with a repair process, we’ve always had a person available to help whenever we’ve made contact. Instructing Howsy to manage our properties means we can focus on growing our portfolio, with the confidence of knowing day-to-day operations are secure.”

Adam – Pinstone Group

The unique Howsy service: 

Purpose built technology & bespoke reporting.

The Howsy management platform has over 100 active integrations and purpose-built features, all  created to improve the renter experience and deliver rich data for our clients.  

Being a tech company, all reporting is tailored to service your needs, to give the visibility required on performance and growth, to both develop and fulfil asset strategy.  

Happy renters equals high occupancy

Renters are people looking for homes to call their own. They are customers that expect value for money and a comfortable lifestyle/life. 

Howsy creates renter satisfaction through: 

  • Working around renters’ schedules
  • Offering virtual, evening and weekend viewings
  • Delivering a transparent application process and move-in timelines.
  • Responding to repairs 24/7, via phone, email and the Howsy app
  • Engaging renters through regular surveys and actioning feedback
  • Building strong communities and always servicing renters as customers

Cost effective & transparent 

We offer cost efficient, fixed pricing for reliable and certain cost prediction. This combined with transparency on the cost and choice of contractors and supplies, gives asset owners full visibility. 

We are very happy to share our pricing structure and service offering without an extended meeting or lengthy tender.  

We will manage your properties in a cost effective and professional way to suit you.