2 months free when you pay annually – Terms & Conditions

This offer is available to new Howsy customers from August 16th 2021, with properties that are ready to be marketed or managed.

This offer applies to our plan price and is not transferable. The promotional offer excludes extras (such as Tenant Find, Accompanied Viewings, Photography, Deposit Protection etc.) which can be purchased in addition to our plans. The 12 month period starts from the point that Howsy manages the property, which is defined as either when Howsy takes over the management of a tenanted property from another agent, or from when a new tenancy commences with a new tenant.

The plan price;

(£350/year for ‘HMO Managed’ rooms outside of London

£550/year for ‘HMO Managed’ rooms inside London

£590/year for ‘Fully Managed’ properties outside of London

£890/year for ‘Fully Managed’ properties inside London

£1280/year for ‘Protect’ properties outside London

£1680/year for ‘Protect’ properties inside London) 

will be payable upon signing our terms and conditions.

If you agree to this promotion and then wish to terminate your plan with Howsy Limited within the first 12 months, you will receive a refund of the difference between the upfront fee paid and the non-promotional monthly rate applied across the months of service received. The termination will also be subject to the notice period in your terms and conditions.

Howsy reserves the right to amend or cancel this promotion at any time.